Mossack Fonseca & Co - ACCOUNTING SERVICES


We are a company created to meet the accounting needs of businesses and professionals around the world. Our goal is to maintain timely records of accounting transactions arising from clients’ operations and/or activities.

We rely on highly qualified Certified Public Accountants with expertise in financial and tax matters who undergo continuous professional development.


Our services:

  • General Accounting Services (including Bookkeeping)
  • Maintenance of Financial Records
  • Accounting Systems Implementation Advice
  • Accounting and Management Advice
  • Review and Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Payroll and Salary Payment Services (only in Panama)


  1. General Accounting Services

This service provides registration (bookkeeping) of purchase and sales transactions and cash flow (deposits and payments) in a reliable and timely manner for businesses and professionals alike, using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the Rules of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


  1. Maintenance of Financial Records

This service provides registration (bookkeeping) and delivery of the following reports: Trial Balance, Auxiliary and/or Financial Account Details (as required) and Financial Reporting.


  1. Accounting Systems Implementation Advice

We advise our clients on the application of best practices for their accounting systems that allow them to obtain reliable information, in a timely fashion, in order to prepare financial and accounting reports. This service provides the organization of roles and responsibilities that should be considered when creating an accounting department for any company, as well as the preparation of the required financial reports. This service is tailor-made for each client, using the industry’s best practices to optimize their resources.


  1. Accounting and Administrative Advice

Taking into account a client’s activities, we provide highly qualified and experienced personnel in financial, accounting and administrative matters so as to assist you with your internal controls and decision making.


  1. Review and Preparation of Financial Statements

In order to assist our clients with the delivery of financial information, we offer the service of preparation and review of Financial Statements (Financial Position Statement, Income Statement, Changes in Equity Statement, and Cash Flow Statement) endorsed by a Certified Public Accountant.


  1. Payroll and Salary Payment Services (only in Panama)

We provide payroll and salary payment services, with complete confidentiality, in compliance with the legal, labor and tax norms of the Republic of Panama. Upon request of our clients in Panama, we offer the registration of the company and its employees in the Social Security Fund (CSS), calculation of severance pay, calculation for payment of the Severance Fund, and preparation of the List of Employees and Wages Earned (Form 03).

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